Rather than dealing with his recent heartbreak, young-adult Alex decides to become a Vampire.


Alex isn’t sure how to move on after his recent break-up with Lizzy. His housemate Dave is better at playing guitar than offering emotional support. Therefore, Alex decides to become a vampire and undertake a personal vendetta, in an attempt to impress Lizzy. In the end his attempts are unsuccessful and his new vampiric self only alienates Lizzy further, but can he move on with his life?


‘Love Bitten’ started out as an impulsive script off the back of an actual break-up. In away the making of this movie has been my own vampiric journey, much like Alex’s in the film. Then, as interest in the script grew, things started to move forward. There were several moments throughout pre-production that I thought to myself “I can’t believe I’m actually making this movie”. It’s insanely bizarre. The film starts where every other break-up-movie ends, so there’s an access point to the weird and wonderful which never alienates the audience’s relationship with the protagonist.



Runtime - 11 minutes approx.

Shooting Format - RED Epic, Digital

Exhibition Format - 3K Pro-Res / MOV, HD, DVD

Sound - 5.1 Surround

Languages - English

Year of production - 2016

Country of origin - United Kingdom

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